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  1. Eye Edition Ceramic Candle
  2. Fly Brass Objet D’art
  3. Pomi Multicolour Glass Shot Cup
  4. Pomi Glass Multicolour Beads Pomi Objet D’art
  5. Eye Petit Glass Bird Objet D’art
  6. Porcelain Eye Glass Set
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  7. Mona Glass Pomi
  8. Flower Woven Key Chain
  9. Rainbow Woven Key Chain
  10. SB Eye “Nazar“ Sticker 1
  11. SB Eye “Nazar“ Sticker 2
  12. SB Eye “Nazar“ Sticker 3
  13. SB Eye “Nazar“ Sticker 4
  14. Bird Wax Candle Green
  15. Black & White Chequered Tray
  16. Evil Eye Candle/Wax
  17. Matryoshka Hand Painted Wooden Doll
  18. Matryoshka Hand Painted Wooden Doll 4
  19. “Heech” Brass Objet D’art Home Décor
  20. Decorative Blue + White Ceramic Eggs
  21. Khamsa Turquoise Ceramic Objet D’art
  22. “Life’s Mysterious Balance” Cushion by Yalla Habibi x Sherie Boutik