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  1. Eye Crystal Dangle Spike Studs
  2. Eye Delicate Crystal Dangle Studs
  3. Mini Triangle Crystal Dangle Studs
  4. Rainbow Crystal Eye | Turquoise Studs
  5. Silver Crystal Dangle Dot Studs
  6. Crystal Dangle Dot Studs
  7. Rainbow Crystal  Flower Studs
  8. Flower | White Crystal Studs
  9. Strawberry Earrings
  10. Hot Air Balloon Earrings
  11. Balloon Earrings
  12. Cherry Crystal Earrings
  13. Lady bug Earrings
  14. Unicorn Earrings
  15. Lollipop Enamel Studs
  16. Khamsa Mystic Enamel Studs
  17. Mystic Eye Enamel Studs

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