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Shahrazad's 1001 nights Deck of cards

  • 50.000 BHD

Shahrazad's 1001 nights deck of whimsical cards are the brainchild of Sherie Boutik's Creative Director Shahrazad Amoudeh - Alireza and Artology Illustrator Amina Qureshi. Revel in a game of cards encapsulating Rumi's enchanting world of love, poetry and mysticism.

It's a true blessing when two creatives come together and find harmony in their poetic expression. I designed these cards with influences as diverse as Mughal Ottoman and Persian art - all in poetic unity Sherie's passion for pomegranates and my love for hues of blue resulted in a unique homage to our rich culture.

Our common vision was to create an extension of our childhood and background into an artistic yet functional piece for today. It is our hope to tickle your senses and leave you with an experience of our culture. We envision communities coming together regardless of age or background, with tea and sheesha, playing cards and bonding over stories of their heritage.

Every playing card is an artwork that tells a unique story, touching a different chord with each move Rumi's poetry will take you on a mystical journey while you compete with your opponent to seize the mighty Black Queen Practice your poker face not to show you re amused to make your fellow players confused Shuffling has never felt this joyful or ever looked so good.