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  1. khamsa oval 3d bird plate 1
  2. “Happiness“ Mushroom Ceramic Bowl
  3. Khamsa Table Decor
  4. Crafted World Table Decor
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  5. Crafted House + Rainbow Clouds
  6. Crafted World Table Decor 2
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  7. Crafted World Objet d'art
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  8. Garden Storage Box
  9. khamsa oval 3d bird plate 2
  10. Pomi Shape Plate
  11. Floral Pomi Shape Ceramic Plate 1
  12. Mushroom Large Ceramic Plate
  13. Pomi Garden Dining Plate
  14. Lady Sun + Moon Waxing Ceramic Plate
  15. Summer Night Celestial Ceramic Plate
  16. Taliah Eye Gold Ceramic Bowl
  17. Blue Evil Eye Small Bowl
  18. Ethnic Eye Fruit Plate
  19. Eye Yin + Yang Plate Ceramic Set
    Sold Out
  20. Magical Eye Hand-painted Small Ceramic Plate
  21. King + Queen Love Dove Ceramic Objet D’art

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