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  1. Pomi Him/Hers Plate
  2. Swirling Darwish Ceramic Table Décor
  3. Pomi Celestial Plate
  4. Rainbow Eye Celestial Plate
  5. Mykonos Eye Plate Wall Décor
  6. Celestial Eye Pomi Wall Décor
  7. Priya White & Gold Khamsa Plate l  Wall Decor
  8. Priya White And Gold Pomi Plate l Wall Decor
  9. Priya White & Gold Star And Moon Celestial Plate l Wall Decor
  10. Priya White & Gold Evil Eye Plate l Wall Decor
  11. Floral Pomi Shape Ceramic Plate
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  12. Elektra Blue Eye Ceramic Wall Décor
  13. Doted Leaf Ceramic Plate
  14. Eye Leaf Ceramic Plate
  15. Khamsa Multicoloured Incense Burner | Trinket Plate
  16. Magical Eye Hand-painted Small Ceramic Plate
  17. Eye Yin + Yang Plate Ceramic Set
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  18. Ethnic Eye Fruit Plate
  19. Blue Evil Eye Small Bowl
  20. Summer Night Celestial Ceramic Plate
  21. Lady Sun + Moon Waxing Ceramic Plate
  22. Pomi Garden Dining Plate
  23. Mushroom Large Ceramic Plate
  24. Floral Pomi Shape Ceramic Plate 1